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What is SMaker

SMaker is an easy-to-use GUI builder tool for Java[TM] platform / Swing which consists of a GUI editor and a class package to integrate the generated Swing forms into applications. The editor creates XML files that can be loaded to generate a GUI by the SMaker class package. Optionally, if XML parsing should be avoided, the editor is also able to export a .java file that is equivalent to the XML file and can be compiled and integrated in the application instead.

The SMaker gallery contains the standard Swing components (JTextField, JTree, ...) and permits the developer to add own components. For this reason, it is an ideal platform for the reuse of already existing components. SMaker can also be combined with other frameworks as far as they permit the direct use of the standard Swing components.

Another important point is that only layout managers are used (no pixel positions). However, don't be afraid of GridBagLayout and others, it is easy to handle them in SMaker's editor.